Kratom Capsules vs Powder vs Tea

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When shopping for kratom online, you’ll notice that kratom products are most commonly available in three preparations: kratom powders, kratom capsules, and kratom tea leaves. But what’s the difference (aside from the obvious) when we’re talking about kratom capsules vs powder vs leaves? Does it boil down to more than just general preference? Let’s break it down.

Kratom Capsules vs Powder vs Leaves – The Basics 

At the surface level, the differences between the various kratom delivery systems are pretty straightforward:

  • Kratom leaves are quite literally the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) tree. They represent kratom as you would encounter it in nature.
  • Kratom powder consists of kratom leaves that have been ground down and refined. This is one of the most popular kratom varieties.
  • Kratom capsules consist of kratom powder that has been packed into tiny capsules.

Kratom Capsules vs Powder vs Leaves – Preparation Methods

Although pills, powders, and leaves all come from the same source, there are some distinct differences in how they’re produced:

  • Kratom leaves have undergone the least amount of processing. They’re the raw leaves from the plant. After being harvested, they’re washed and dried and placed on dehydrator trays until they achieve a crisp consistency. They traditionally function as tea leaves but can be used for other purposes.
  • Kratom powder begins with the same process as the leaves. However, once the leaves are dried, they’re filtered through a grinder to achieve the powder consistency.
  • Kratom capsules take the process one step further. The refined kratom powder is packed into capsules for precisely measured dosage.

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Kratom Tea vs Powder vs Capsules – Benefits of Each 

There are advantages to each type of kratom product.

  • Kratom leaves are as close to the source as you can get. If you want the purest form of kratom with the complete aroma profile, tea leaves are the way to go. Note, however, that leaves don’t remain fresh as long as powders or capsules.
  • Kratom powders are generally an affordable option with unrivaled versatility. For buyers who want precise dosage measurements, powder is the way to go. However, for those who prefer to mask the natural aromas, capsules may be a better option.
  • Kratom capsules are the easiest and most convenient delivery system. The dosage is already measured out, the capsules are usually odorless, and they can be discreetly carried around on the go. Capsules do tend to cost more, though, which is why they’re not quite as popular as powders.

Kratom Powder vs Leaves vs Capsules – Which Is Best? 

When you’re trying to decide between kratom tea vs. powder vs. capsules, there is no one right answer. It depends on what you’re looking to get out of the product. If convenience is the most important factor, capsules are an excellent choice. If you want the best value, kratom powder is usually a winner. If you want the most natural, unprocessed kratom experience, go with kratom leaves.

No matter which type of kratom you choose, the important thing is to choose a high-quality product from a trusted provider like Lifted Organics Lab. As long as you do that, you can’t go wrong.

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