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Mitragyna speciosa, better known as kratom, is an evergreen tree that is related to the coffee family. Native to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea, kratom has been used as a beneficial supplement since the 19th century. Now kratom is used throughout the world as a way to support wellness and ascertain relief from mild discomfort. While this botanical comes in many different forms, the most effective and affordable kratom comes in a capsule or as a powder.


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At Lifted Organics Lab we provide a variety of high quality powdered kratom for delivery. This affordable kratom comes in a series of strains and blends, each with their own unique benefits. For more information on different types of kratom powders and their variety of effects be sure to check out our guide to different strains

Whether you are looking for the pure boosting effects of our White Lightning Maeng Da kratom or the soothing effects of blending it with Red Vein Bali, Lifted Organics Lab is ready to provide you with impeccable kratom delivery services. Our kratom powder comes hand-packed in resealable bags or in capsule form. No matter which way you like to enjoy kratom there is a strain and form that is ready to meet your needs.

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Our affordable kratom is sourced directly from Indonesia. We are practitioners of fair trade standards and we work directly with a partner farm. Each of our sterile resealable bags are hand-packed and inspected before final production. All of our products are tested to eliminate heavy metals, mold, and any other impurities.


We provide free 2-3 day kratom delivery for all purchases over $100. Make sure you place your order before 2:00 pm PST! To learn more about shipping details and restrictions visit our info page.


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