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Lifted Organics Lab offers premium quality kratom powder, capsules, and tea leaves for sale. Order kratom online today and have it shipped directly to your door!


Every strain we provide is carefully selected with our customers in mind. We sample dozens of strains before selecting our next blend. We also package blends carefully to preserve freshness.

Enjoy priority same-day shipping for all orders over $100.00. We stand by our product and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Why Buy from Lifted Organics Lab?

Lifted Organics Lab is the best place to order kratom online. With all of our products, whether powdercapsule, or tea leaves, you can be certain that you are getting a product that’s organically grown from the highest-quality Indonesian sources as well as free of any additives or fillers. Then, we apply ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to all of our products as a precautionary disinfection method to kill or inactivate all microorganisms. Finally, all of our products are independently tested by 2 River Labs, a state-certified, third-party laboratory that checks for salmonella, other bacteria, and heavy metals. Why wonder where to buy kratom online when you have a trustworthy industry expert available right here!

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Our founder, a U.S. military veteran and former police officer, created Lifted Organics Lab after he discovered kratom as a useful therapeutic remedy that could help with everything from excessive worrying, sadness, physical discomfort, and more. Some users even order kratom online for its potential to enhance sexual performance.

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The Lifted Organics Lab Mission

Lifted Organics Lab was created, first and foremost, to ensure that customers had a reliable, trustworthy source where they could order kratom online. But the Lifted Organics Lab mission doesn’t end there. We also serve as a source of news and information to ensure that customers keep up to date on what is a complex and volatile market. Most importantly, we want consumers to be educated about kratom — various strains and products, product safety and development, research, and the international regulatory environment that surrounds this incredibly useful and often misunderstood plant.


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Our products contain no additives or fillers. You get 100% pure blended Kratom.

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Same-day shipping, and free priority shipping for all orders over $100.00.


Independently tested with our partnered lab in the United States for the best quality.

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Our Kratom is pure, organically grown, and cured in a clean room.


Was recommended this product by a friend and so far it’s worked wonders for me. I would as recommend it to anyone energy problem

Fantastic site

This is the best kratom supplier i’ve ever used. Phenomenal customer service, order arrives very quickly and payment is a breez

Lifted lifts you up!

I loved The getaway! Motivation and anxiety relief were amazing!

Amanda Phelps
Kratom and service is legit!

Got 2 packs of RR. Paid, then realized I wanted to try WL. Called them and they hooked it up. Good peeps and stuff!

Extremely lifted feeling!

I got 2 sacks of red and called right quick to changed it so I can try some WL. Dude was cool and hooked it up.Hella good stuff!


I tried many products and treatment and didn’t help.

Works wonders

Used this product multiple times to keep me awake and it has never failed me.

Great Customer Service

When I was new to using Kratom, I had a ton of questions. Thankfully, Lifted answered my call and were super helpful!

Customer Service

Great customer service! It’s nice to be able to call a kratom company that actually picks up their phone.

Get Pumped

I have been using the White Lightning as a pre-workout, gets me pumped up! Great product, thanks.

Conner R.
Highest Quality

I have been shopping with them locally for a few months, they always have the highest quality.

Caitlin B
Super Strong

I have been using Kratom for years, this is hands down the best powder I have tried, every blend is fire.

Nick S.

The Best Place to Order Kratom Online

If you have questions about how kratom might be able to help you or a loved one, please reach out to us. Or, if you’re an organization or business looking for a trustworthy, dependable wholesaler where you can buy kratom online, we can assist you with that, too. We’re here to help with any questions or needs that you might have.

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