The Ultimate Guide to Mixing Kratom Strains

Person in black sweatshirt mixing kratom strains in a metal mixing bowl

Mixing kratom strains allows you to achieve a unique blend of effects that you wouldn’t otherwise get with a single strain. Each kratom strain has a distinct alkaloid profile resulting in a different kind of experience. Some are energizing, some are relaxing, some promote focus, and some are great for general well-being. By blending kratom strains with different effects, you can achieve a tailor-made product that gives you more of what you’re looking for. But there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

If you want to know the best way to mix kratom, keep the following golden rules in mind.

1. Mix Red, White & Green Varieties 

The term strain is a bit ambiguous when referring to kratom. In their purest form, strains refer to the unique cultivars that originate in different regions. For instance, Maeng Da, Bali, Thai, Malay, and Indo kratom are all different strains. However, the distinctions between these different types of kratom are subtle in most cases, and mixing them is not a reliable way to modify their effects unless you’re a true expert.

The term “strain” is also sometimes used to distinguish red-vein, white-vein, and green-vein kratom. And although it’s not an accurate term in this context (the vein color is simply influenced by the level of maturation, drying, and processing that the leaf has undergone), it is a better way to mix kratom. That’s because the effects of kratom are influenced more by the vein color than by the actual cultivar.

  • Red-vein kratom has effects that are relaxing and calming
  • White-vein kratom has effects that are energizing and uplifting
  • Green-vein kratom has balanced effects that fall in between red and white

So, for instance, if you want to achieve effects that are uplifting but also suitable for end-of-day enjoyment, you might mix red and white. If you love the energizing effects of white kratom but you find them to be just a bit too intense, you might curb these effects by mixing white with green. If you love red kratom but find that it is too potent, you might mix red and green kratom for more subtle relaxation.

2. Stick With Kratom Powders 

The best way to mix kratom is to combine kratom powders. It’s simple, it’s clean, it allows for precise measuring, and the ingredients mix together perfectly. If you’re new to blending kratom, it’s best to stick with simple 50/50 ratios (50% of Strain A and 50% of Strain B).

As you discover the effects of your blend, you can fine-tune accordingly. For instance, if you’re mixing a red strain and a white strain and you find that the blend is a little too invigorating for your taste, you might incorporate a little less white and a little more red until the effects are just right.

3. Avoid Mixing Blended Strains

White and red kratom powder mix in a white bowl

When mixing kratom strains, try to stick with pure white, red, and green varieties—at least in the beginning. Certain specialty strains, like gold and yellow kratom, already contain blended effects, and they can be trickier to mix with precision. In addition, some kratom companies sell ready-made blends. Combining already-mixed kratom can just lead to diluted or unpredictable effects.

With that said, though, purchasing ready-made blends is a great way to experience the kinds of hybrid kratom effects that you’d normally get from mixing kratom strains—but no mixing is required on your part. Instead, you’re getting a mix that has already been harvested, measured, and blended by experts. For instance, our Afternoon Delight Powder provides an excellent mix of white-vein and red-vein kratom, while our Early Riser Powder blends green and white to perfection.

Whether you’re mixing kratom strains on your own or opt for a ready-made blend, combined strains open up a whole world of unique effects. So don’t limit your experience to the primary colors. Mix your palette, and discover what it can do for you.

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