How to Potentiate Kratom for an Enhanced Experience

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Kratom potentiation is becoming popular as people explore new ways to increase the effectiveness of the strains they love. You might want to potentiate kratom if:

  • You’ve been enjoying kratom for a while, and the effects aren’t as strong or as long-lasting as they used to be.
  • You want to get more mileage out of your kratom by achieving greater potency with smaller amounts.
  • You haven’t achieved the desired effects using kratom powders or kratom capsules alone.
  • You want to achieve more of a specific effect (e.g. energy, relaxation, focus).
  • You want to prevent your kratom tolerance from building up too quickly.

But what exactly is a kratom potentiator? And how does it make the kratom experience better?

What Does It Mean to Potentiate Kratom?

A kratom potentiator is any food or supplement that enhances the effects of kratom—either by making the effects more potent, making the effects last longer, or allowing the effects to kick in more quickly.

Kratom potentiators can work in different ways.

  • Some potentiators make kratom alkaloids more bioavailable by inhibiting the types of liver enzymes that metabolize said alkaloids (most commonly CYP enzymes like CYP450, CYP1A2, and CYP3A4). In other words, there are fewer obstacles preventing kratom alkaloids from going to work.
  • Some potentiators work by inhibiting the NMDA receptor, a glutamate and ion channel protein receptor that influences memory and learning functions. These types of potentiators may be especially effective for keeping kratom tolerance at bay.
  • Some potentiators contain natural alkaloids that allow kratom alkaloids—like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine to be more effective. Black pepper is a good example.
  • Some potentiators contain alkaloids or other compounds that behave similarly to kratom alkaloids, thereby boosting those effects. For example, caffeine is sometimes noted as an effective potentiator of white vein kratom because it has similar energy-boosting properties.
  • You can also potentiate kratom by changing the molecular composition of the kratom itself. For example, some people add water to kratom and freeze it. This has the effect of destroying the cell walls and releasing the active compounds, making them more effective. Best of all, it costs nothing.

There are plenty of ways to potentiate kratom, and most methods are inexpensive.

The 10 Best Kratom Potentiators

Sliced grapefruit on a cutting board

Potentiator Why It’s a Good PickWhat You Need to Know
GrapefruitGrapefruit inhibits the CYP450 enzyme, making alkaloids more bioavailable. Kratom is more potent and longer-lasting.Grapefruit is one of the most popular ways to potentiate kratom. Grapefruit juice is especially effective.
WatercressWatercress is another CYP450 enzyme inhibitor that’s widely available.Watercress is also extremely rich in antioxidants, so it offers a number of benefits beyond kratom potentiation.
CaffeineCaffeine is a natural stimulant, so it can complement the daytime effects of white vein or green vein kratom.Only use caffeine as a kratom potentiator if you rely on kratom for its energizing effects. Do not combine with red vein kratom.
MagnesiumMagnesium is a mild NMDA antagonist. While its effects might not be immediately noticeable, it can help slow tolerance buildup over time.Kratom can gradually deplete magnesium levels in the body, so magnesium is an excellent supplement to take even if you’re not specifically looking to potentiate kratom.
TurmericLike magnesium, turmeric is a mild NMDA agonist. It’s also an effective CYP3A4 inhibitor. In other words, it can keep tolerance at bay while also heightening the effects in real time.Turmeric is an especially effective potentiator on account of its most abundant antioxidant, curcumin.
Black PepperBlack pepper is rich in piperine, a natural bioavailability enhancer that allows kratom to be absorbed more effectively.Only a small amount of black pepper is necessary in most cases.
CBD OilCannabidiol works as a CYP450 inhibitor, similar to watercress and grapefruit.CBD is one of the costlier potentiators on this list, but if you already enjoy CBD in your everyday life, you can further use it to enrich your kratom experience.
Black Seed OilBlack cumin seed is an inhibitor of several CYP enzymes, making it an effective potentiator of kratom potency and bioavailability.Like watercress and turmeric, black seed oil is also extremely high in antioxidants.
Cayenne PepperCayenne pepper supports healthy gastric digestion. Some users report that cayenne pepper helps the effects of kratom to come on more quickly and strongly.Cayenne pepper is bitter and spicy, so it’s not for everyone. If you do use it to potentiate kratom, it’s best to stick with small amounts.
Cat’s ClawCat’s Claw contains alkaloids similar to those found in kratom. When Cat’s Claw alkaloids are combined with kratom alkaloids, heightened effects may result.Cat’s Claw is a tropical vine native to Central and South America. You can generally find Cat’s Claw supplements wherever you would shop for herbs and supplements.

How to Potentiate Kratom Effectively 

Different kratom potentiators behave in different ways, so it’s best to explore a variety of options until you achieve just the effects you’re looking for. When incorporating any of these potentiators into your kratom routine, it’s always a good idea to start with small amounts and then adjust accordingly until the effect is just right.

Please exercise caution and talk to your doctor before using kratom potentiators if you’re on any prescription medications. Some of these potentiators can affect not only kratom but also common prescription drugs. For instance, the active compounds in grapefruit have been known to interfere with drugs related to cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, and a host of other conditions.

For most people, though, potentiating kratom has many advantages. Try it for yourself, and discover how to get more from the kratom products you already know and love.

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